Grand Saint Bernard Ski Trip

Have you ever heard of the Grand St Bernard Hospice? Well to sum up briefly, it is probably the oldest (and so the most experimented) mountain hut in the world! Come and ski around this mystical off piste ski area.

Price from
340€ per person
1 to 6 max
Dec to Apr
2 days

Have you ever heard of the Grand St Bernard Hospice? Well to sum up briefly, it is probably the oldest (and so the most experimented) mountain hut in the world! Since 1050, the community of the “chanoines du Grand St Bernard” welcome people without interruption!!

Today, people do not cross the alps through the pass looking for better lives of for business purpose, but they come to enjoy and share the lives of the “chanoines” who stay up there all year long and to enjoy an incredible ski touring spot in winter!!

Going to the Hospice is more than just a ski experience. This place is historic and spending the night there is trying to understand what was the life of people hundreds years ago willing to cross the Grand St Bernard pass.

The community has a very long experience in welcoming people and they are happy to share their life and faith for a couple minutes to a couple days which make your ski touring experience a much higher and kind of spiritual experience!!

A must to do, just to realise and understand how this place was and still is such an important pass in the Alps!! More specifically about the skiing, the area offers just perfect beginners objectives!

Easy slopes, with short denivelation between 500m to 1200m, there are many possibilities. Starting from Switzerland, we can play with the south facing slopes in Italy. Reaching the hospice is itself a 2 to 3 hr climb from the parking lot. 

Day 0:

If you’re in Chamonix the evening before we start, let’s have a welcoming drink together in Chamonix, check your equipment, answer your questions and plan the next days!

Day 1:

We’ll meet and start from Chamonix in the morning around 8/9am after checking our equipment. It takes about 1,5hr by car to reach car park above Bourg St Pierre in the Valais area. From there, there are different options. The most classical one is to climb straight to the hospice, 2469m (it takes about 2-3hrs) and then see who in the group is up for another hike. Or we can climb to the Col de Barrasson (2630m) and then reach the hospice. Night at the hospice in rooms of 4 people. Vertical climb: From 500 to 800m

Day 2:

Again, there are many options. What about heading to the Mont Fourchon (2900m)? This peak, on the border between Italy and Swiss offers stunning views and is a great opportunity to put our skis in Italy and enjoy its sunny south facing slopes!! We’ll get back by the same itinerary and then ski back to our cars. Plan on getting back around 3pm at the parking lot, so 2 hrs after in Chamonix. 600m up / 1000m down - 5 to 7 hours (from hospice to the car)

What’s included: 
  • UIAGM / IFMGA international mountain guide. 
  • Our guides speaks fluent English and beside the safety of your group, they will make your alpine experience unforgettable. 
  • Half board in mountain huts (diners and breakfast included) 
  • Collective mountain equipment (rope, carabiners,…) 
What’s not included: 
  • Pack lunches, drinks and snacks (you can buy them in the huts) 
  • Personal equipment (you can rent everything with our partner shop) 
  • Insurance 
  • Accommodation in Chamonix (we can help you with that if you want) 
  • Transportation to Chamonix (we can help you arrange your transfer from GVA if needed) 
  • Transportation from Chamonix to Bourg St Pierre is not included but can be easily arranged and/or shared with your guide. Please let us know if you have a vehicle or if you need one. 

Beginners and Intermediate Skiers

Prices for 2020:
  • Group of 2: 750 € /pers 
  • Group of 3: 540 € /pers 
  • Group of 4: 440 € /pers 
  • Group of 5: 380 € /pers 
  • Group of 6: 340 € /pers 

For larger groups, please contact us for a specific quotation. Our standards in terms of safety and also to warranty a good experience is 1 guide for 6 skiers / split boarders  maximum. 

Special Option: 3 days 

We can add 1 day (and 1 night at the hospice on half board basis) to enjoy a full experience at the hospice.

  • Group of 2: 1100 € /pers 
  • Group of 3: 780 € /pers 
  • Group of 4: 650 € /pers 
  • Group of 5: 550 € /pers 
  • Group of 6: 490 € /pers

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