2020 Chamonix Winter season is now open!

It's now official! After the huge snowfalls that we had in Chamonix and in the Alps the last few days, the Chamonix ski lifts company (Compagnie du Mont Blanc) has announced that ALL the Chamonix ski resorts will open (partially) this weekend for the season.

The Grands Montets, Le Tour/Balme, Brévent/La Flégére, Les Houches and Megéve will open on the December 14th 2020 for this amazing winter season 2020.

Here's the more detailed information:

Grands Montets

Ski Lifts & Gondolas : TC Plan Joran, TC Bochard, TSD Tabé, TSD Herse
Ski Slopes: Bochard Haut, Bochard Bas, Marmottons, Coqs,Liaison Plan Joran, Tabé, Pradian, Combes
* Pierre à Ric is being prepared


Brévent - Flégère

Brévent :

Ski Lifts & Gondolas : TC Planpraz, TSD Cornu, TSDParsa, TK 2000, FUNI 2000, TSF Sources, TSF Charlanon, TPH Liaison, Beginners area of the  du Savoy (depending on Snow Conditions.
* Brévent cable car (opening only on 21/12/19)
Ski Slopes: Retour Verte Planpraz verte, Verte 2000, Combe des Vioz, Col Cornu, Stade.

Flégère :

Ski Lifts & Gondolas : TC Flégère, TSD Index, TSF Trappe,TSF Evettes, TPH Liaison
Ski Slopes: Pylônes, Evettes, Trappes, Libellules.

Domaine de Balme

Secteur Charamillon

Ski Lifts & Gondolas : TC Charamillon, TSD Autannes, TK plan desreines, TK Arve
Ski Slopes: Liaison Balme, Arve, Col, Stade, Stade ESF,Ecuries, Solonges, Béchat, Alpages, Retour Charamillon, Retour Charamillon.
* Les Caisets is being prepared

Secteur Vallorcine 

Info ouverture : rendez-vous samedi 21 décembre 2019

Les Houches

Ski Lifts & Gondolas : Gondola Prarion, TSD Mélèzes, TS Ecole, TSVoza/Prarion
Ski Slopes: Abbaye, La Cha, Tétras, Chamois, Les Aillouds & Secteur débutant Ecole


Ski Lifts & Gondolas : Télécabine du Chamois (centre du village), Téléphérique de Rochebrune and Télécabine du Mont d'Arbois

Chamonix Mountain Guide and ISTA Avalanche Training Course

Chamonix Mountain Guide is proud to announced a partnership with ISTA (International Snow Training Academy) to provided Avalanche Training Courses in Chamonix for the coming winter. 
2 formulas:
- Discovery: 1 day training, an introduction to avalanche ISTA program
- ST1: 2 days training session for a more complete tour about the basic risk prevention skills

ISTA is an international program. each participant will receive a "Training Kit" with :
- The course book
- A case to protect and carry your course material
- An avalanche emergency procedure

Check our website to see dates and prices for the coming 2020 winter season. 


If Planpincieux Glacier collapses, there no danger if you come and hike the Tour du Mont Blanc TMB

You've heard in the news recently that the Planpincieux Glacier (one of the 70 glaciers of the Mont Blanc range) will collapse. It may happen, but you don't have to worry as there is no danger if you come and hike the Tour du Mont Blanc TMB

The Planpincieux Glacier is located on the southern side of the Mont Blanc range, in Italy, on the south face of the Grandes Jorasses. It sets above the hamlet of Planpincieux in the Val d’Aosta region.

In September 2019 an acceleration in the displacement rate of the glacier occurred, and the local authorities have signed an order saying that "concerning the possibility of ice volume collapses". Even if these collapses aren't dangerous for people at the bottom of the valley, they can be a serious danger for the persons who hike to access the Boccalatte-Piolti refuges.

Local authorities of Courmayeur (Aosta Valley) have decided to evacuated both mountain huts in the area and closed the road up to Val Ferret as a precaution. It is estimated that there is no threat to residential areas or tourist ski resorts.

So you don't have to worry, because whatever happens on the Planpinceaux Glacier, it can't affect the Tour du Mont Blanc TMB. The paths are high above the valley and on the opposite side of the valley.

Are you planning to come and hike the Tour du Mont Blanc TMB?

If you're a traveler, hiker or simply an explorer and you want to come to the Alps and hike the TMB Tour du Mont Blanc, please just get in touch with any questions you may have in planning your Tour of Mont Blanc. 

Montenvers Train in Chamonix closed till Oct 18th 2019

On 28th September 2019, the Compagnie du Mont-Blanc announced the closure of the Montenvers train till the October 18th 2019.

The Montenvers train departs from Chamonix and makes its way up the sides of the Aiguilles de Chamonix to an altitude of 1,913m. The train takes you to the Mer de Glace, the Ice Cave and to two wonderful restaurants.

The Compagnie du Mont-Blanc, together with the help of external companies, will change 650 linear metres of century-old track "rack and steel sleepers" below the Planards crossing towards Chamonix.

Furthermore, to ensure that the operation will be safe, some trees located right at the side of the track will be cut down.

As a result, mountain biking and walking on the 4x4 Planards track and the Mottets trail between the crossing of the Montenvers trail from Caillet and the Fillaz trail are prohibited, as per mayor's orders.

"During this autumn closure, we will also carry out our annual maintenance work on the Mer de Glace gondola and continue our studies related to the evolution of future projects", end the CMB their press release.

Mont-Blanc normal route, the Goûter refuge closes today

Due to bad weather conditions, the Goûter refuge closed today, the 24th of September 2019, one week in advance.

With many other domains and ski lifts having already been closed, the 2019 summer season in Chamonix is coming to an end.

Located on the main access road to Mont-Blanc, the Goûter refuge will close today, the 24th of September 2019, in the morning.

It was initially planned that the refuge would stay open for one more week. However, the adverse weather forecast caused an early closure.

The decision was taken on Sunday, as Météo France announced snow on Tuesday morning.

All those who booked were contacted by phone or e-mail, but most had already cancelled their visit. "The customers are responsible people", says Antoine Rattin, guardian of the refuge.

In Chamonix, the PGHM mountain rescue had a busy summer

The summer of 2019 has been a busy one for the High Mountain Gendarmerie Platoon (PGHM) of Chamonix.

According to Le Dauphine, the gendarmes were involved in a total of 460 rescue missions in the Mont-Blanc massif.

460 missions this summer means fewer missions than in the summer of 2018 (520). However, Le Dauphine writes that it was actually the summer of 2018 that was an exception, with more rescue missions than during previous years.

As the mountain continues to crumble, it was the Périades bivouac's turn to fall.

The bivouac, which was built in 1925 and renovated in 1966, could accommodate three people on mattresses.

Unfortunately, on Thursday the 1st of August 2019, a section of the bivouac collapsed, which destabilized the platform on which it rested.

The Périades bivouac was located at the impressive altitude of 3421 m (11223 ft).

Yesterday, the 8th of August 2019, Daniel Roche, a treasure hunter, has discovered human bones near the Bossons Glacier.

The PGHM of Chamonix went to recover them and are now trying to establish where they come from.

The preliminary investigation shows that the bones are not recent.

There is a good chance that these bones are those of victims of one of the Air India flights. However, the PGHM will study other potential sources.