Chamonix Mont Blanc and the Alps are firmly on the map for international events and conventions. Our team works with some of the most beautiful hotels and chalets where we can hold conferences, dinners, wine tastings, parties and fun team building activities.

The mountains around Chamonix are one of the most amazing places in the world and we can create memorable events like hiking in the mountains, skiing the Vallée Blanche, downhill mountain biking, ice climbing, as well as something less adventurous, like corporate wine tastings, visit the Aiguille du Midi or the Mer de Glace.

We take our guests into the mountains to make them live a unique experience: have a dinner in a igloo facing Mont Blanc, cycle the Tour du Mont Blanc or enjoy wine tasting on a typical alpine chalet… If your company is looking for creative ideas for your team to relax in between meetings, excursions for your guests, corporate incentives or hospitality events, then contact us!

The Dent du Geant Mont Blanc

Touch the Glacier, Corporate Event in Chamonix

Taking the lift up to 3500m and walking on a glacier in summer or winter is an unforgettable experience. No matter how fit you are, coming to Chamonix, it is a "must to do" adventure so you can feel by yourself the power of the mountains and glacier.
From 250€ per person

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Musician at the Glacier du Geant

Music's Team Building

Driven by our team, let's get your team create and enjoy a music workshop in the nature. An original way of sharing a good moment all together and a great parallel with business to show how to create something all together without being pro musician.

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Outdoor Meetings in Chamonix

Outdoor Meetings

Take a step on the side to have and take your colleagues for a "meeting hike" or an "outside meeting". Follow our expert and experiment a new way of thinking and looking at your business key points. A bowl of fresh air for a refreshing insight!

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Night Snowshoeing Chamonix

Workshops Events

Zip line, biathlon rifle shooting... We can organize some fun activities for your team. A nice & fun break between meetings. A great way to reinforce your team collaboration, make they know AND trust each other on activities they are not use too. Combine with a conference, it is the perfect combo for a fresh insight during your board meeting.
From 100€ per person

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Hotel in Chamonix Conference


What a better place than Chamonix to have an exchange with one of our mountain guide & speaker about mountaineering and guiding people to the highest summits? With trips to Alaska, Antarctica, Greenland, Nepal, China, Mongolia, our teams will share with you how to reach your goals on an expeditions dealing with stress, uncertainty, risk and danger in some of the most remote places on earth! Mountaineering and business have a lot in commun!!
From 800€

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What can we offer you in term of Corporate Events!

What a better place than Chamonix to take your team and colleagues for your corporate event?

Easy & quick access, Chamonix area (from Annecy to Verbier, through Megeve and Courmayeur) has all the infrastructures to welcome your corporate event: conference room, a large variety of accommodation and more important a huge choice of activities from ski trips to sports challenges and musical alpine team building.

At Nuyama, we use the outdoors as a support to motivate, stimulate and entertain your team.

More than a working meeting, a Nuyama event is an opportunity to improve relationship within your company/team and though your business performances.

Organise your board meeting outside. Not just outside your company, outside in the outdoors.

Meetings are mandatory to exchange, discuss, expose opinions, strategy,… but we all know that too many meetings are not productive. Even worse, sometimes meetings are just a loose to not say a waste of time.

We propose to take your meeting outside and follow one of our expert to help you take a step on the side and try to see situations, problems, future from a different perspective.

We don’t have your solutions, but from our experience, we can help you by changing your habits to see things differently. 

Outdoors values and more specifically mountain values have a lot in common with the business world.

There are lots of activities, not only “extreme” ones that can help your team understand how to reach a summit.

Walking on a glacier, having to deal with altitude, crevasse, are some example that will create a strong team spirit within your colleagues.

Even a short walk of 30 min helps to break limits, boundaries between us.

Our experts are aware of those thin feelings and will play with them to accentuate your team spirit.

Learn from the outdoors is the core value of Nuyama. We believe that outdoors activities have a lot to teach us.

Our goal is to share our experiences from our experts with simple and easy exercises to make you feel what TRUST, COMMITMENT, RISK & MANAGEMENT under uncertainty and / or stress,… mean while being outdoor and facing ourselves and our close environment.

We do have a large catalog of activities, exercises, workshop from conferences to alpine adventures that will fit your needs and budget. 

Chamonix and the alpine cities around (La Clusaz, Annecy, Courmayeur, Evian, Geneva,…) have everything you need to organise your congress.

From 100 to 5000 people, our alpine region is rich of opportunities to offer a stunning and unique congress.

Nuyama will help you to build and book your program with a large choice of activities from guided visit of historical places, to alpine discovering program to enjoy our unique and fragile environment. 

We had, over the last couple of years, the chance and the opportunity to share great and amazing moments (like corporate events, leadership conferences, team building, etc) with such big groups/companies as Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Societe Generale, BNP Paribas, Bracco Suisse Group... and many more!

Corporate Events
Corporate Events, Team Incentive, Serious Games, Team Building.

Conferences & Workshops
Risk management, Leadership Conferences, Get to your summit, How to make decision under uncertainty.

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